Residency Artists

Transatlantic Accents

23rd September 2023


Transatlantic Accents exhibition at The LaunderetteThis exhibition is the second instalment of an exchange between a group of artists from Bristol (The Garage) and  Los Angeles (Durden and Ray) and continues the transatlantic exploration of a fluid, non-linear set of interactions through a process of cognition and abstraction.

Though varied in their respective practices, each artist in “Transatlantic Accents” celebrates an organic and intuitive approach to image making. The artists relish a love for material, form and colour and, on a deeper level, their works speak of the fragility and fleetingness of identity, nature and the interactions between us ….

Bristol artists:

  • Helen Acklam
  • Alice Freeman
  • Jack Paffett
  • Joe Warrior-Walker 

LA artists:

  • Gul Cagin
  • Jenny Hager
  • David Leapman
  • Hagop Najarian
  • Max Presneill
  • Alexandra Wiesenfeld