Residency Artists

Nikki Allford

2 – 24 October 2023


I am a Maker and Installation artist based at BV Studios in Bristol. I exhibit regularly Nationally and Internationally.

My work is a preciptation of time consuming processes. Expectations and outcomes are left unsettled , emphasising physicality and materiality, and allowing for a spontaneous, intuitive approach.

I continuously search for new ways of inhabiting and responding to a site while making connections between the past and the present, memory and place.
Work is created from the accumulative repetitive actions of folding. The resultant pieces can be read as abstract, or as hinting at other qualities – perhaps reminiscent of the innards of the body, pools of blood or water, or organic plant growth such as flowers.
Exploring notions of beauty, my Installations have a presence that disrupts a space.

For my residency l responded to the former use of the site as a working launderette while pulling threads from previous work. For me the timing of the residency was a perfect convergence of the space and ideas already in progress.
I appreciated having breathing room to allow for experimentation with paper, folding, lighting and space. I made new large scale site-responsive Installations.
I had conversations with other artists about the history of Wash houses/ Bath houses, folklore surrounding wells and the reoccurring theme of water in my work.

‘It was great to see you and your work at the Launderette. Fantastic how you made the space your own’
Matt Benton artist.

‘Activating the interplay between surface and depth, inside and outside, exposure and concealment’
Folds exhibition, Lewisham project space