Garage Residency Artists


3rd – 23rd May 2021


Varosha during their residency at The GarageI arrived at the Garage, my first residency, excited to have so much time and space (and headspace) away from my domestic environment but also a bit daunted.

I had written down my intentions: to explore, to experiment and to work big.  So that I didn’t find myself too overwhelmed by all the big white walls I immediately taped an enormous piece of canvas to the wall and got stuck in.

I was working on my ‘Body of Work’ – paintings about life drawing and whereas I always work from life (or zoom life at least) – here I was working from studies and using house painting brushes and playing with the colours on my palette – all of which freed me up.  Some of this work will be included in my exhibition at Centrespace in September

Coming as it did in the early stages of things opening up again it felt like a bit of an explosion, a creative blossoming and, whilst I’m not sure I came away with quite the pieces I’d intended, there were lots of fresh shoots I want to follow.  It was great to have the opportunity to really push myself and explore things – so much of my work from the past year had just been squeezed into the cracks in our lives.

Having this time at the garage has been so transformative for me -making me bolder and braver in my work – thank you.