Garage Residency Artists

Silvia Carderelli and Fiona Winning

2nd – 8th January 2023


‘care, space, movement’

Fiona Winning & Silvia Carderelli - The Garage artist residency 2023…..continuing the ‘hands on’ creative conversation we started in 2019 and with elements from our respective methodologies, we came together at the garage to play with movement.

The interior of the garage became the playground for us to move – with, within, between, amongst, beyond, and apart, with curiosity, respect, playfulness, care, compassion, openness, and time.
Bringing only one or two materials from our respective practices to assist with the process, we encountered a co-creation, collaboration, at times working together, and at times alone and with a sense of the spirit of each other.

At the start of each day, it was important to arrive. This became our agreed ritual.
Time to settle and be still, time to connect with our own body’s movements, and then to move out into the space, connecting to each other (if there) and then making notes. Sometimes these notes would be part of a focus to explore. At other times, arriving at the garage with an idea that had to be expressed before settling was possible. And at other times, ideas generated in the garage took shape outside, moving in life.

Listening to audio recordings, reflecting and thinking
conscious of every sense, including a psychic sense,
I can create/ generate temperature in the body just by being in a shape,
everything is available to work with, and pains and aches in the body, and projections …. when there’s an impulse to do something, what is it that stops me? anticipating a pain or stiffness, which has come from a previous experience when moving in a similar way, working through that was important…

distractions….. how we edit what we go with and what we don’t go with, this reminds me of having an intention and following that through, noticing the distractions- the glitter on the ground- and continuing with the intention, or following the distraction and noting that decision.
material transforms from its original purpose into something else…
…in essence this is a drawing, a movement drawing, we are moving it, as the pencil becomes a movement in space…

“very inspired by you”, “me too!”…………………

We took many iPhone videos, audio recordings and photos as a record of some of the ideas we explored. Processing and moving with the experience continues……..

With thanks and appreciation to Helen Aklam for creating the garage space to play in.

Fiona Winning & Silvia Carderelli January 2023