Garage Residency Artists

Ruth Piper

4th -31st January 2021


‘My paintings are composite landscapes, built from elements either invented or observed separately in different places. There is a perfect word for this in German ‘Mischlandschafen’. This word, and the beautiful Avon Gorge makes me think of dark German forests and the romantic landscape paintings of Caspar David Friedrich’


I studied Fashion Design at Kingston University and Painting at Wimbledon School of Art. And have worked as a professional artist since 1990.

Bristol is now my home after spending time in Oxfordshire and London. I have a permanent studio at ‘BV Studios’ in the south of the City.

I have also, since 2014 been the co-ordinator of The Gallery at Centrespace Co-operative in Bristol city centre.

A beautiful warm, peaceful studio space.
It was good to spread out and concentrate on several projects at once. Some large charcoal drawings, a new canvas and the continuation of a series of small paintings started in the autumn called ‘Takeaway’, an on-going collection of paintings on flattened cardboard food boxes.
Clifton has many very old and beautiful trees, cliffs, rocks and sprawling woodland leading down to the Avon Gorge.

A Lovely, perfect way to spend the first month of a new year.