Garage Residency Artists

Phil Root

25 October 2021 – 23 January 2022


Artwork by Phil RootPhil Root is a visual artist and Associate Lecturer for the Fine Art course at UWE. He works primarily in the field of ceramics, specifically investigating and researching relationships between function and sculpture and it’s connection to place investigating the cyclical nature of ceramics, building industry waste material and local materials. Phil currently runs a ceramic studio in Bristol, Counterslip Clay from which he works and run workshops and is also co-ordinator for an online mentoring programme “brb…” with Caraboo Projects which supports 6 young and emerging artists based in the South West which last year hosted residencies at The Garage for the participating artsits.

In contrast to my usual routine of working from a shared ceramic studio, spending time at The Garage allowed me the space and time to focus on making larger more complex works and reflect on the processes involved. Having a space in which to lay everything out isn’t always possible in a functioning ceramics studio, thoughts tend to become streamlined and focused instead of circular or meandering. During the three months I spent at the Garage I worked mainly alone but it also afforded me a space in which to meet and talk with other artists which again generated new avenues of exploration within the work. The strands of my thinking and making really came together during this time and was lucky to be able to present the finished work in the space after my works had been glazed and fired alongside a reading group around Václav Cílek’s essay, Revolution of surface: The semiotic value of asphalt organised by Helen Acklam and Emma Gregory.