Garage Residency Artists

Matteo Amadio

27th September – 11th October 2021


Matteo Amadio is a musician and audio-visual artist currently based in Bristol.
His current and past work focuses on interactive and generative music systems, multimedia installations and interdisciplinary projects that explore the relationship between sound and other phenomena.
His interest in the use of contamination and feedback as creative factors often leads to the combination of various kinds of media and different forms of art to create artworks where all the elements are deeply connected.


I started my first residency here after a long search for a space that would give me the possibility to freely work on an installation idea I had been planning and holding inside for several months.
For this reason, I spent three intense and very focused weeks translating my many ideas and sketches into a physical artwork that combines surround sound, projections, lasers, prisms and light sensors. For all these elements the spatial factor is quite crucial, so the process of releasing them in the space and being able to work on a one-to-one scale was absolutely liberating and inspiring.

Using such a space created an important contrast with the desk-oriented way of working that had been predominant for me in the previous months. Being able to walk in a room and hear how the sound changes from place to place or seeing how projecting on a wall modifies the character of every other object present in the space adds an extra dimension to the whole work.
Having the possibility to shape the atmosphere of the entire room was exactly my goal and The Garage was the blank and elegant canvas I needed for building, piece after piece, the immersive environment I had in mind.

During the residency I also met Alice Smith, a Bristol-based dancer, performance maker and Pilate’s teacher.
Thanks to our common interest in collaborative and interdisciplinary performance, we began to explore the possibilities of placing a moving body into the installation.
This brought up questions: how is the space influencing the movement and how is the movement influencing the space? Is the body choreographing and composing the sound? Or does the setup of the space choreograph the bodies within it? What happens when you move freely within the installation and how does that differ from when you move with intention?