Garage Residency Artists

Martyn Cross

4/9/19 – 11/10/19

photo credit: Irina & Silviu

“My studio practice is primarily painting led but I also work with sculptural forms, interventions and installation. The works usually depict beings in ponderous poses and transcendental states, their personal possessions charged with human characteristics. Taking inspiration from the artwork and artifacts of ancient civilizations, together with signifiers of contemporary living, I try to describe a world that slips between the cracks; something that is equal parts frightening, funny and falling apart.”

The time I spent at the Garage was a pause in my regular studio practice and a chance to pull together some rogue elements that had been knocking around my head for some time. Having the space to spread out and play was a welcome break from the tiny and overcrowded workspace that I normally call home. It was an opportunity to throw some daft shapes and not worry what the outcome was going to be; it felt like I was dancing and nobody was watching.