Garage Residency Artists

Martyn Cross

18 April – 12 June 2022


Martyn Cross is a visual artist and painter based in Bristol. His paintings draw upon mythology, the medieval and ideas of metamorphosis, where landscapes are personified and living things share matter. Martyn’s work has been shown nationally and internationally, most recently in the solo exhibition Earth Hymns at Ratio 3, San Francisco in 2021.

This year his paintings have been included in the group show Myths of Observation at Hales Gallery, London, and he is currently working on a solo exhibition at Hales for winter 2022.

For my time at the Garage I was looking to work in ways that differ to my regular studio practice and to spend time reflecting upon the process of painting itself. My own studio has fast become a place that physically announces 10 years inhabitance – I’m surrounded by stuff – so to have the generosity of empty space at the Garage was a revelation but also a necessity.

There was a need to spread out, make larger work and to actually enter into my paintings as much as is humanly possible. Over the two months of the residency I worked in isolation but would regularly accept other artists to the space to discuss works-in-progress and also wider painting practice as a whole.

The culmination of the residency brought a much needed shift to how I normally work, pushing me to view my practice from angles that had hitherto been unseen.