Garage Residency Artists

Leonie Bradley, Jess Bugler & Prerna Chandiramani

27th June-2nd July, 2022


We had been talking over Zoom and had decided to make a collaborative piece on our shared experience of the lockdown. I(Prerna) had been in the Garage before to test out ideas for my installation. So, when we as a group decided to meet and were looking for a space, it was instantly the solution to meet at the Garage.

The Garage was the perfect space to meet in person, bounce off ideas and find common threads to weave our work together. The blank walls and the well-lit space allowed for thinking and reflecting undisturbed. The week-long residency gave us the space to play, to spread out and chat, get to know each other better. Afterall if we were going to collaborate, we had to know more about each other’s work and our strengths and weaknesses.

At the end of the residency, we had decided to start a private Instagram page PR_10 to post updates on work-in-progress. PR refers to Peter Reddick as we three had each been awarded this bursary by Spike Print Studio. This is what brought us together.

We brought in test prints, wires and hanging equipment to work out how we would install our prints. From the last residency we had gone away with a vague idea of a spiral and had exchanged work-in-progress over our private Instagram account. It was time to check if it all worked and bring in Emma Gregory to give us some feedback. We also had David Robertson to support us in installing the piece.

The three days flew by with so much to cover. We had a To-Do list and started working our way down. We needed photographs to submit proposals for exhibitions. The empty space in the garage was just the right size to mark out a floor plan for our exhibit. We could see the effect of daylight and artificial light on our prints, the shadows playing on the walls and understand better about the experience we wanted our audience to have. This residency has given us the confidence to materialise our ideas and see them to fruition. It’s now time to get printing and have it ready for next month.

We will soon be exhibiting our installation ‘Alone Together’ @ Centrespace gallery, Bristol from 23rd– 28th Sept as part of IMPACT 12.

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