Garage Residency Artists

Elliot Coffin

1st – 25th April 2021


Elliot CoffinAs an Artist I was looking for an opportunity to explore my practice, utilising recycled or found mediums to create colourful, playful, multipart pieces. Trained as an Illustrator, my recent work has transformed into a more personal expression; with an internal language communicated through mark making and motifs that adapts as it is abstracted.

Normally I work in a small, cluttered space. At The Garage, I had space to play on a bigger scale, working mostly on the floor, with time to make mistakes and explore my curiosity. This demonstrated the scope of my practice and what I am capable of.

My work became sculptural in a way I hadn’t expected. I was able to exercise mark making and further develop my distinct style. It encouraged new processes that uninhibited my image making, embracing mistakes and opened up the arena of interactive art. It made me feel reassured by the longevity of my processes. Not all pieces have to be “finished” – a constant conversation which is always evolving. I now have a stock of wood, and pieces may find their way into any one piece.

Having your work up on a white wall, with good lighting, an interested audience of Artists and the public with feedback makes you feel like you grow as an Artist too. These conversations are especially helpful as they extract and justify the reason you are making. I am deeply grateful for being given this opportunity and it is an asset to Bristol.

Instagram: @elliot_coffin